Saturday, August 18, 2007

Beth Orton - Shopping Trolley

Jon current Friday Night Routine includes watching crazy foreign videos on local D.C. channel MPZ while dancing with Maria. (I'm usually fast asleep at 9 PM after a hectic week of holding down the fort with three little ones.) In the morning he shares his new finds with me. This video is his and Maria's new favorite. She loves all the stop-action automation. I love the lyrics.

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  1. I just saw your prayer request for Adventure Girl on the "One Came Back" blog.
    I want to share one strategy we have adopted with Adventure Boy. I cut out two "traffic light" coloring pages, put them back to back. On one, I colored the RED really bright and wrote in the other circles, "PLAY LATER" and on the other side, the GREEN is really bright and the other circles say "FRIENDS WELCOME." I took a few minutes to explain to Adventure Boy that he can play when the light is green (he can't read yet). I do know what you mean about the easy frustration. Not sure about you, but in my case it's directed more at the grownups who are not supervising this child (he's shown up at 9 PM as well, and we are across the street!!!) Of course, I never see them....