Sunday, August 19, 2007

The MovieGoer-- The Last Kiss

While I won't really recommend watching Zach Braff in the "The Last Kiss," which was falsely touted as a romantic comedy, especially if as a Catholic you already know that co-habitation is a BAD IDEA. As displaced Madisonians,however, we did enjoy a rare cinimatic peak at our fair city. "There's the Capital Building, there's Bascom Hill, there's our beloved Terrace on Lake Mendota!

It also lead to this priceless exchange.

Zach Braff,a best-man, newly informed father-to-be who is also unmarried: "Weddings always depress me. I now know that there's going to be no more surprises in my life."

My beloved husband of six years, holding newborn baby number four:"No more surprises after marriage? What is he talking about?"

Me:"No honey, not surprises like new discoveries, kids, and moving across five states in four years. He means no surprises as in not kissing another girl"

Husband:"Hmpf! Kissing the same girl is what makes the rest of this crazy life possible!"

Well said, my love, well said.