Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Mother's Work

I'm psyched that my actual "worth" as a stay-at-home mom ($181,604) can pay off my law school loans twice over. It's a little disheartening, however, to realize that $132,000 of this calculation is simply due to "overtime." Is there any parent who isn't on call at odd hours? Truth be told, I'm also not sure if I fairly calculated the above activity- Mama sleeping during the day after a colicky infant kept her up all night. Does this qualify as intensive attachment-parenting, as my husband kindly suggests? Or am I just a woman who happens to work the night shift?

Make your own paycheck here and leave your results in my comment box. (And no, it is not fair to say that you spend 168 hours a week on laundry, even though it feels like you do it 24/7!)

HT: Blessed Among Men


  1. $159,808 - I have less kiddos so this makes sense!

  2. I don't know Maria, I'd give you a $50,000 bonus for doing all those daily tasks while being pregnant with a 3rd!

  3. I have a picture like this of me and my first born....wow...saying that makes it seem so very long ago...