Wednesday, January 30, 2008

For Stina- Book Meme

I'm in my dining room, this is the on the nearest bookshelf: DADA, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., page 123

"George Grosz & John Heartfield, Der wildgewordene Spiesseer Heartfield, (the Middle-Class Philistine Heartfield Gone Wild) {Electro-Mechanical Tatlin Scuplture]), 1968 (reconstructed of 1920 original), tailor's dummy, revolver, doorbell, knife, fork, letter "C" and number "27" signs, plaster dentures, embroidered insignia for teh Black Eagle Order on horse blanket. Osram light bulb, Iron Cross, stand and other objects, overall, including base: 220 x 45 x 45, Berlin 1968."

It's a little wierd, but this statue is making a statement about the terrible casualties of WWI which left many veterns with amputations.