Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogs & Lent

Last year a number of the hip Catholic girls took down their blogs for Lent, or at least closed their comments. I'm actually thinking about doing the opposite. I'm hoping to compose a "40 days of Art + Prayer" thing. Anyone have ideas on how to make internet time a more focused and meaningful time with our Lord? What are your blogging rules during Lent?


  1. I love that idea!! I'm not sure about specific suggestions, but I'll think about it. Definitely don't give up blogging for Lent -- I need some good stuff to read. :)

  2. You could take on a more in-depth blogging theme to go along with your normal blogging. Something that will be helpful for you to know more about- and something that you thoughts on will be good for your readers. Perhaps a chapter-by-chapter synthesis and discussion of some book, or a quick tutorial/opinion on different artist or famous works of art. I think a lot of us would benefit from that- and you have more interest/working knowledge than many of us. Share your passion and increase both your knowledge and ours! Can't wait to read whatever you decide to blog about!
    It was great meeting you and your husband this weekend!!!!