Sunday, March 9, 2008


Who knew that the creator of the Lobster Telephone (1936) also struggled to come to terms with his Catholic faith? We checked it all out and more at the St. Petersburg's Salvador Dali Museum.

St. John of the Cross (Dali's painting is based on a 16th century sketch by this beloved saint).


  1. Your art reflections have been such a blessing to me this Lent! I'm ashamed to admit that I've never had a big interest in art (e.g. it would never occur to me to visit an art museum while on vacation) and your posts have not only given me a lot to think about in terms of faith, but they've kindled an interest in art that I'd never had before. Thank you!

  2. ditto Jennifer. Thanks Abigail!

  3. Get a life u pair. There's something quite naive and ignorant about religion. It's for the weak because those that believe (or think they do!) don't think, they just follow blindly because they're usually too afraid of themselves and don't want to be responsible for their thoughts or actions. God = Man made, Marriage = Man made, our very thoughts and ideas are nothing but a pitiful attempt at being an individual and (apparently) free!!! Bollocks, there is no such thing as freedom, it's an illusion, dreamt up by man to make him think he's free. Unfortunately without these illusions that we've made up and bred into our very well being we wouldn't be here. Yes it's a paradox!!!

  4. Time = Man Made

    Though, without religion, we would not have faith. Spirituality is what I mean, Karma. Shit in Shit out philosophy.

    On another point though, our whole society is based on an 'ideal' of freedom, and without it, our perception of individual thought may then become obsolete. Without this 'freedom', our freewill (which was supposedly God's idea) becomes irrelevant.

    John X

  5. U can have faith without religion, i.e. I've got faith that I'll shoot my load later!

  6. There's no arguing this point because the very argument is nothing more than a thought process that has been groomed by society. Not your thoughts or ideas, simply a process of deduction by assimilating what you're told and amalgamating it with what u think is right. Then again that very thought process isn't your own!!! Told u it's a paradox.