Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cures from Pope Withdrawal

I’m sure I’m not the only girl who wished that our Holy Father turned around on the airplane steps and decided to spend a few more days with his American flock.

Here are some site for those who are also suffering from Pope Withdrawal.

A nice summary of the NYC Mass, which also happens to have call toward “obedience.”

Two thoughtful reviews of the pope’s visit from the NY Times. A call for use to take our faith more seriously and a call to hold up a mirror to our own lives.

A sweet follow-up to the pope’s sweet kiss.

What are your favorite links?


  1. Blessings!! He is Risen!!

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    In Christ,


  2. I think some of my favorite posts were from Aimee of Historical Christian (she's also a convert). Check out her last three posts.

  3. Oh, I also just came across this post at DarwinCatholic and had to share. Really good take on the Pope's visit.