Monday, June 2, 2008

You may be raising a nun, if...

So Maria's Birthday celebration has caused alot of talk among her oldest siblings about their choices of themes for their own future birthday parties.

Here's Alex's list:

"First I want a Space Birthday, then I want Speed-Racer Birthday, then I want Dinos & Volcanoes Birthday- with a real volcano that explodes in the air and pours red stuff all over the dinos!"

Here's Hannah's list:

"First I want an Easter Birthday, Then I want a Twisty Balloon Birthday, because they are really fun, Then I want Jesus died on the Cross Birthday, with a little Jesus on the Cross on my birthday cake made out of plastic, not made out of candy Mom, because eating Jesus directly might hurt his feelings , Then I want a Mary Birthday, because I love her so much, then I want Little Flower Theresa Birthday with little pink roses on my Birthday Cake."


  1. How cute is that. What a little doll!

  2. That's adorable!

    I would love to attend any of Hannah's parties. You could put rosaries in the goodie bags for the Mary party.
    But I'd try to restrain myself from creating a Nail Jesus to the Cross game (instead of pin the tail on the donkey). That might be going a little overboard.

  3. And I just realized that there are plenty of Noah's arc themes for baby showers and baby's 1st birthday parties. Maybe Hannah's ideas aren't too off the wall.

    And if we're lucky she and my Princess, the one that sings the Celtic Alleluia while we go grocery shopping, will end up at the same convent. ;)