Monday, June 2, 2008

You may be raising a nun, if...

So Maria's Birthday celebration has caused alot of talk among her oldest siblings about their choices of themes for their own future birthday parties.

Here's Alex's list:

"First I want a Space Birthday, then I want Speed-Racer Birthday, then I want Dinos & Volcanoes Birthday- with a real volcano that explodes in the air and pours red stuff all over the dinos!"

Here's Hannah's list:

"First I want an Easter Birthday, Then I want a Twisty Balloon Birthday, because they are really fun, Then I want Jesus died on the Cross Birthday, with a little Jesus on the Cross on my birthday cake made out of plastic, not made out of candy Mom, because eating Jesus directly might hurt his feelings , Then I want a Mary Birthday, because I love her so much, then I want Little Flower Theresa Birthday with little pink roses on my Birthday Cake."