Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

(continuation of the 40 days of prayer)

The Joyful Mysteries

The Annunciation: As Mary and Joseph accepted with faith her unexpected pregnancy and trusted God to work things out, may all mothers today accept the life within them and trust God to help them work through their problems.

The Visitation: As Mary and Elizabeth ministered to each other and shared their joy together, may we serve pregnant mothers who are in need.

The Birth of Christ: God came to us at Bethlehem in the form of a baby. May God come to each mother who conceives a child. May the love she learns to have for her baby open her heart for receiving the love of God.

The Presentation: Mary and Joseph presented the child Jesus in the temple in accordance with the prescriptions of Jewish law. May we never fail to observe the moral prescriptions of our Church in our lives.

Finding of The Child Jesus in The Temple: Mary and Joseph were distressed to have lost Jesus in the temple. May those who have lost, or never found Christ, open their hearts to Him.

Hymn: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (To Beethoven’s Ode to Joy)

Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
God of Glory, Lord of Love
Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee
Opening to the sun above

Melt the clouds of sin and sadness
Drive the dark of doubt away;
Giver of immortal gladness,
Fill us with the light


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  2. I have a great many Old Testament prophesies of the Blessed Virgin on Section 4 of Immaculata-one.com.

    These prophesies were written by the Catholic Church unfulfilled.