Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayer Plans

Anyone have some prayer plans for this week?

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day, a good day to pray to end the personal and social sins of racism.

Tomorrow is the Inauguration. It turns out that President Elect Obama will have a private prayer service at the "Church of Presidents" from 8:30-10:30. That might be a good time to pray and offer up some sacrifices. (The actual swearing in ceremony is 11:56 AM.)

Thursday is the 35th Anniversary of the "Roe vs Wade" decision, which means the annual March for Life. (I had a chilling thought the other day. My husband is 36, which means that he's mother was virtually prohibited from an abortion and I'm 34, which means my Mom could easily have obtained an abortion on demand. Two souls conceived two years apart, but what a difference a Supreme Court decision makes.) This year will all be on our parish bus at 5 AM to celebrate Mass at the Verizon Center. We'll wave at y'all if we find the EWTN camera.