Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beach Trip

Light Blogging next week as I'm off to a trip to the Beach with my clan.

(The funny part is that this actually counts as part of my Lenten Penance. I hate the beach. I have super fair Irish skin that gets the worst lobster sunburn imaginable. I hate the wind and the gritty sand sandwiches and the menacing seagulls. However, my husband is a beach bunny and all of my kids inherited his adoration of the ocean. At least I'll get to watch my family have fun while I hid under my beach umbrella and 50+ sunblock.)

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  1. I have a habit of snacking mid-afternoon with my kids. It's 3:30pm now and my daughter just finished up her graham crackers and is now eating her homemade frozen yogurt popsicle. I was fine all morning but now it's getting tough. Now I'm having to remind myself of Jesus and that I really do want to do this tiny sacrifice because I love Him. I also take comfort in knowing that thousands of Catholics across the country and around the world are doing the same. Hope your day is blessed.