Friday, July 16, 2010

Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

"On this Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, let us all be Carmelized!

Carmel is a place of God's Triumph. Carmel is a place where God builds community. Carmel is a holy place.

What makes a place holy? A place becomes holy if it is visited by God. Let us make our own lives holy. Let us invite God to visit our lives and transform them into a holy place by his grace."

-from Father Willy's homily
July 16, 2010

Happy Carmelite Feast Day everyone! Hurrah for the Brown Scapular!


  1. I prayed the OLMC novena and became invested in the brown scapular yesterday by our pairsh priest. He was a bit hesitant and asked if I had been to a carmelite monistary or if I knew a carmelite priest who could do it, but I havn't and I don't. He asked if I'm familiar with carmelite spirituality and I told him it appears to be primarily contemplative and somewhat hidden, which appeals to me quite a bit, but that I've not made a particularly complete study of the matter. He went ahead and invested me and then pronounced me "a carmelite". I know that you and I aren't carmelites in the same way, obviously your formation and commitment have greater depth.

    Do you have a post or might you consider a post or a link on differences between a brown scapular investature (sp) carmelite (if in fact that's what I am) and 3rd order, which I know you are?

  2. Congratulations, Anne Marie! I think I've got a nice booklet that explains the promises of the brown scapular in depth. If you send me your address via email, then I can mail you a copy.

    I'll think about researching the difference and writing a post also.