Saturday, July 17, 2010

This Could be Why My Home is Currently Devoid of Any Pretty Extras from the Pottery Barn Catalog

A stunning sentence from my Carmel homework today,

"Prayer and comfortable living are incompatible."


A strong word choice from the Carmelite Constitution to highlight the necessity of penance in the average Catholic girl's life.

(And here I'd hoped to skate up to the glory of spiritual marriage based on the mere discomfort of five pregnancies alone!)


  1. That's a great quote from Theresa of Avilla. Secular Carmelites commit to live in accordance with the Gospel and its values, as do all Catholics. In evangelical poverty, there is a wealth of generosity, self denial and a dependence on God, not things. We must strive for the proper use of material things. The Carmelite promise of poverty seeks an evangelical use of material things, i.e. a sharing-sparing lifestyle. This does not mean that a Carmelite can own nothing from Pottery Barn and it doesn't mean that you can't have a simple, beautiful home for your family, in fact your home is a Domestic church and should glorify God ;) but rather that you wouldn't want to own anything that detracts from your disciple message that this life on earth is just a journey to a far better place, and you wouldn't want to overindulge yourself in any way, as that is not the Gospel message.

  2. I thought for sure those pregnancies would get you there! ;)