Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Movie Goer: North & South Ending

Just what every pregnant girl needs! A little historical romance flick to remember why she got herself 35 weeks pregnant in the heat of summer in the first place. True love rules!

This is from the excellent BBC miniseries "North and South". The backdrop to this story is the Industrial Mill town of Manchester, England in the Victorian Era.

In this scene, I love how the heroine gets off a train headed to an easy life in London and gets on the hero's train to a rougher life in Manchester instead. In real life, I feel like I made the same metaphorical life's "train switch" to join my husband in his car.

Check out this series for free on Instant Netflix downloads or Youtube. (Note: this series is different from the US Civil War drama with the same title).


  1. Abigail, how DARE you post this where I can watch it while my husband is at work! How on earth am I supposed to wait until 4:00 to kiss him now???

    Love, Betsy

  2. Okay, I too LOOOOOVE this series. The ending is pure poetry ... one of the most romantic scenes ever, if you ask me. Gotta love those Victorian authors! They knew how to tell a story (and those modern screenwriters/directors do a great job of adapting them, too).