Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is an incredible movie about the friendship between an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim. Their joint search for true love is charming. It's also an amazing description of the challenges of living as a woman of Faith in the secular, modern age. Available in instant down-load from Netflix. Watch it today!


  1. Looks like a neat movie, and I love your reviews. How kid-friendly do you consider this movie? I've had mixed luck with some independent movies from Netflix.

  2. This indie movie is amazing! It follows the romantic life of an Orthodox Jew--so it's totally chaste--as in girls are not even allowed to shake hands with a boy chaste!

    There is one scene where the Jewish girl attends a "normal" college age NYC party. At the party there is drinking, hugging, and implied marijuana use. The Jewish girl is appropriately horrified and runs away. (That scene last 5 minutes and you can fast forward it easily without losing any of the plot).

    You can preview the movie and see if it's cool for teens.

    What I liked about it was that it's a real issue of how Women of Faith date, vs. the rest of the secular world. There is this great exchange where the principal of the school is chiding the Jewish girl for being so "old fashioned" and using a Jewish match-maker to find a husband.

    The normally sweet-tempered Jewish teacher gets emotional and yells "Tell me how getting drunk and sleeping with strangers is a better way to find True Love!" It's lines like that which make the movie!