Friday, September 17, 2010

Big News

I fed Tess from a bottle tonight!

It was amazing. It was only a teaspoon of breastmilk, but Baby Tess gulped it down in a flash. Then she fell asleep happily on my chest. Heaven!

Please keep up the prayers. The feeding schedule is super long- like 2 to 3 weeks before she'll be ingesting enough milk to keep up her weight and get home. That seems like an impossibly long time to wait. I hope I grow in the virtue of patience soon.


  1. Yeah! I'm so happy for both of you! Awesome progress! Congratulations!

  2. Such fantastic news! Praise God! I will pray for you to attain supernatural patience....

  3. That's wonderful! Finally. Still praying for you.

  4. Praise God! We continue to lift you in prayer.

    Katie in Maryland

  5. Fabulous! Please keep us posted.
    Susan and Maggie

  6. I just keep thinking about Tess' guardian angel gazing upon the face of God as she watches over Tess too. Joining her in praying for you guys.

  7. This is big news!

    You have lots of prayers being sent your way. Hang in there.


  8. Small steps will eventually lead you back home! Will continue to pray.

  9. Are Sunday evening youth group has been praying for you all so I'll give them this update tomorrow nite & that'll encourage them!

  10. Tess,

    Teresa, you and your family are in my prayers.

    Your brother in Carmel.

    Ray, T.O.Carm

  11. Wonderful news! And, as a reassurance regarding your last post . . . attachment can look so different for each child. Our third child came to us through adoption as a 1-year-old, and today (almost 3 years later), she feels as though she grew inside me. God can truly knit us together in the most amazing ways!

    Praying for Tess,