Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Celebrate Halloween As a Catholic

The Bishops of England and Wales have great advice for us Americans on how to celebrate Halloween as a Catholic.

ht: The Anchoress


  1. I love the saints idea. My little girls just love to be animals. I think with the exception of my oldest being a pumpkin as a newborn, they have both been animals every year. This year we'll have a lion and a monkey. I just can't break them of the habit! Hopefully when they get a little older :)

  2. My kids go to Catholic school so we have fall decorations and an ALL SAINTS day celebration. It's amazing, all the kids dress up like saints and do speeches on them - even my 5th grader. At night though, they do love to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood so we dress up for that too. My rule is nothing demonic, no witches, no devils, mummies, skeletons, etc. A priest on Catholic radio this week said that "we should not make light of the demonic" by dressing as such and I agree 100 percent. 'Can't wait to read this through...

  3. I really like the lights in the windows, crosses in pumpkins and wearing white idea!

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  5. We are joining with the English Bishops in our household.

    St. Francis of Assisi will be making his rounds on Halloween this year complete with the SIGMATA!!! He's been wearing his costume since it arrived last week.

    Today we carved IHS and the Sacred Heart into our pumpkins. Found the ideas of Catholic Cuisine blog.

    Halloween is our holiday after all no reason not to reclaim it.

  6. I'm sorry my comment offended you enough to delete -- I was honestly describing our family's very different attitude toward Halloween. (Perhaps it was my snarky description of the kind of costume I wouldn't let my daughter wear?) Anyway, offense was not my intent.