Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I Love My Husband . . .

Because tonight was one of those nights when I let the water for the rice boil completely out of the pot, TWICE, because I got so distracted by the need to provide a solid police presence to some unruly minors, and when I almost started crying about the no-dinner/no-groceries situation after my tired husband walk in the door at 6 PM- He saved the day!

My husband told me to take a hot shower while he made dinner. I'm telling you ladies, the grocery delivery guy forgot half my order this week, so when I left to take a shower there was NOTHING in my fridge. Yet somehow my amazing husband whipped up an Asparagus, Meatball, Chicken Gravy and Rice Casserole in under 22 minutes and it tasted great!

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(Now Miss K. Why does my icon looks so goofy in Blogger? I could only find the extra huge logo).


  1. It looks just fine to me! :)

    What a great guy!

  2. Thought of you today in the grocery store... when the man in line in front of me had his hands full watching his three boys- ages 5-4-3 watching over their little sister- probably less than 2 y.o. He was tall and thin, and had that calm way about him that Jon has. It made me smile. He kept trying to apologize for their energy, and I told him "No worries! I give you a lot of credit. I never had the guts to be outnumbered!" and he finally smiled and relaxed. I am so glad for your healthy family and your wonderful husband. We think of you often, and Ana keeps Tess in our prayers.

  3. What a great idea for posts! I'm going to add this to my blog routine.

  4. K- that would be because my sweet, techie husband fixed it for me last night!

    J-Thanks for the prayers from you and Ana! Baby Tess is doing great!