Friday, November 5, 2010

2 Month Check-up

Baby Tess got all A's on her two month check-up. She was in the 29% percentage of height/weight for her age when she left the NICU. A mere four weeks later she's in 86% for height and 75% for weight. Grow baby grow!

She's having some bad acid reflux, which I hear is a pretty common complaint for post-NICU babies. We just switched her back to the "strong stuff" for reflux medicine. Hopefully, that will translated into more sleep at night.

St. Peter of Alcatara, a master of penance, only slept three hours a night with a wooden beam as his pillow. It's pretty bad when Jon and I could claim to match his feats on most nights during this past week. Praise God for the supernatural gift of cheerfulness to the involuntarily sleep deprived!


  1. Fantastic percentiles! God bless your baby girl! +JMJ+

  2. What great news - grow, baby, grow indeed!

    Isn't that sleep deprived cheerfulness a blessing? What I find fascinating about it is how well I can just almost float through the day and keep the bare minimum going, so long as I'm not overly taxed. But it is funny what I find overly taxing - my daughter's double digit multiplication becomes so much more challenging to correct and her Latin worksheet is just about impossible without the answer key. But at least I can still cook dinner and drive the car (although driving in such a state does make me a little nervous...)

    God bless you and your family, and I hope the medication helps soon!

  3. Wow, what growing your baby has done! Truly amazing, God bless Tess.