Thursday, November 18, 2010


So I was on the US Postal Service Website today to order nice stamps for our Christmas Cards, and I wondered how in the heck I missed the fun unveiling ceremony for the Mother Teresa stamp which was held in my own backyard at the National Basilica on September 5, 2010.

Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, on that day my Teresa was still dying at our local community hospital."

Guess that was a good reason to skip Mother Teresa's big party! :-)

On other news from the US Postal Service, did you catch that from 1978 to 2009 the "traditional" stamp has always honored the Madonna and Child. For some unexplained reason, in 2010 we've suddenly switched to honoring a generic angel? Anyone have any information on this? I like sending my Mom on my mail!


  1. I saw a Mother and Child stamp at our post office. I know there was controversy last year about whether they'd do another-but I guess they did! It's beautiful-the same image that I have on my blog and next to our bed. My favorite!

  2. Kaitlin, I think they just also "reissued" the last stamp from 2009 for this season. At least on the postal service website, the official 2010 stamp is an angel playing a lute.

  3. You're kidding! I also got the Madonna and Child- but I thought it looked familiar. I guess it was last year's version. Geez louise.

    If anyone's post office is out of last year's, you can order them on-line.

  4. Can't believe they switched to a generic angel--how depressing!
    I'm using the Mother Theresa stamps for my Christmas cards this year anyway.

  5. I specifically asked for the Madonna & Child last wk at our post office & was told that the angel was issued this yr instead. While i was there, I asked for the 2nd time for the Mother Teresa stamp & was told they didn't have any! I asked the postal worker if I'd asked for the muslim stamp, would I be able to purchase that?! I left frustrated needless to say.

  6. If your post office isn't carrying the stamp, you can order them online here:

    (If that's too wiggy for Blogger, try clicking here.)