Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doing His Will

I am yours Lord.
I was born for you.
What do you want of me? (St. Teresa of Avila's prayer)

Abigail's Current Prayer Proving that She's Far From Sainthood

Please Lord, please!
I've been SO good.
Can't I do ONE thing that I want to do when I want to do it?

Here's what I'm learning this week. It's not about me. What I want. What I'd like to accomplish in a day.

It's about doing God's will. Cheerfully.

Here's what I'd like to do tomorrow. Clean a kitchen that is currently infested with fruit flies. Order warm winter clothes from the internet. Teach a 2nd grader how to read. Bake banana bread. Write a batch of cheerful letters to priests and religious. Call some friends.

Here's what is most likely on God's agenda tomorrow.

None of the above.

Instead, based on my week so far

God would like me to
a) sit still

b) nurse a 2 month old baby who likes to eat slowly
VERY slowly.
(As in Tess is a baby girl who can rouse herself from a milk coma in order to keep nursing for a solid 2-3 hours at one time without stopping.)

c) work on not losing my patience with the newborn, or the toddler, or the first grader, or the second grader.

So far this week, I haven't mastered the doing God's will and not my own "cheerfully" thing. Will try again tomorrow.


  1. Here here for second and sixteenth chances! Praise God!
    Onto practical matters...I know you're a fan of Land's End and I just got a promo code (for your winter clothes shopping) 30% off and free shipping. Here goes: Code is savenow and pin is 3060 through Monday! 'Hope that helps! Blessings!

  2. Oh, sister, I hear ya. God bless you as you keep your priorities in place! The Lord is surely pleased with the effort.

  3. Hey, that sounds just like my prayers! ;-) Don't have a nursing baby anymore but do have 5 kids and an injured husband who can't do anything. I think my biggest cross is when others are upset with me because I can't be in two places at once or doing two things at once (or anything well, lol!). I can be laid back about it all until someone looks at me cross eyed about it.

    Praying for all of you!

  4. Perfect way to make God laugh. Make your own plans.

  5. Hey, I've decided that at the very least "my plans" must give God a very good laugh sometimes.

    I can however help with the fruitflies - a small jar containing about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and a healthy squirt of dish soap. Mix gently and leave open on your counter in an "active" area for the fruit flies. They fly in for the sweetness and can't fly out because their wings get sticky. I've used this lots during the summer when stuff comes in from the garden daily.

  6. Hey! Your current prayer is MY current prayer! What are the odds?

    And I have to tell you, given your enrollment as a 3rd Order Carmelite, that my husband is in Israel right now. He phoned the other day to say that he was one city over from Carmel and I squealed, "You mean the Carmel from the Bible?!"

    To which he replied, "Maggie, this is Israel. EVERYTHING is from the Bible."

    And he was right.

  7. PS. He just emailed to say he's in Jerusalem right now. Sigh. So so cool, that.

  8. I was going to give you a similar fruit fly plan . . . cider vinegar in a glass, with a paper cone on top (pointy side down) so they can't fly out. :o) Wish I had such a simple prescription for patience!

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  10. I laughed out loud at the "None of the above". Thank you for the reminder of not clinging to my "to do" list so tightly that I forget to listen to God's.

  11. Thanks ladies! I'm currently finding cheap snow boots online and removing fruit flies from kitchen!

  12. yes- babies are God's way to force us to slooooow down- I found a sling is pretty good at being able to walk around and nurse at the same time