Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy St. Elizabeth of Hungary Feast Day!

My seven year daughter introduced me to this wonderful saint.

My favorite St. Elizabeth of Hungary story is when the sweet queen ran out of room to house a sick leper in her castle, she decided to place him her own royal bed. Her husband was very "put out" and started to chide her for exposing him to infection. Just in the middle of the rant he looked over at their royal bed-- the leper transformed into an image of Jesus! Her husband stopped in mid-sentence, "Yes, Elizabeth, do what you will" and gave his consent.

I didn't get time to make these delicious looking rose cupcakes in honor of this saint today. Will try again on her "old feast day", November 19th.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, pray for us!

ht: Catholic cuisine (a great site, scroll down to see St. Elizabeth of Hungry food ideas)