Monday, December 6, 2010

That Ruddy Bee!

So thanks to my three year old Mimi, who I'm quickly discovering is a tiara wearing--rope touting- outdoor survivorist, we've been watching a lot of BBC's "Man vs Wild" at our house.

Bear Grylls is a former British Special Ops Force guy who runs around the world showing us couch potatoes how to survive in dangerous environments around the globe.

There is this great scene where Bear faces death from "a ruddy bee." In past episodes Bear has killed alligators and diamond backed rattlesnakes. His greatest risk to his life comes from a single bee sting to his forehead in the middle of the Sierra Nevada desert.

The single bee sting causes his face to swell, leaving him almost completely blind. The wretched looking guy is forced to continue to fight down rattlesnakes, dehydration and possible anaphylactic shock.

Bear makes this great comment "It's ironic that after all the dangerous animals I've faced, I'm in the most danger of death from a ruddy bee!"

It's a rough Advent in the Benjamin household. We're facing some minor trials that aren't a PICC line in the heart, but seem to keep coming in waves and are wearing us down.

Today I kept thinking about all the "Ruddy Bees" in my life. This Fall my family got through the big tests of Faith with Baby Tessy's life threatening illness. Yet, here I am losing it over the more minor trials my life.

My trust in Jesus is a moth eaten cloth with so many holes in it. I find it easier to trust Jesus with the big stuff (what else are you going to do but pray and trust in the NICU?) but I continue to fight trusting him with the smaller stuff.

This Advent there is a lot more deadwood that needs to be hauled out from the inside of my heart.

St. Nicholas, pray for me!


  1. This reminds me of something I heard years ago. A woman said "Lord, I'll go into the lion's den, but please don't send me into the monkey cage!" It really is the little things that can get to us isn't it?!

  2. I can't stand Bear after watching Survivor Man. But that wasn't your point, was it? I'm praying your Advent will go more smoothly soon!

  3. I always wondered if facing and overcoming a big trial would make the little trials a piece of cake. Apparently not!

    My kids love Bear.... I will never forget him eating a still-warm yak eyeball.

  4. Oh thank you for this post! I noticed yesterday - as I was yelling at my kids that they needed to "knock it off" and quit "driving me crazy" that "cut out the whining!!!" - um, I noticed how clearly in my mind I knew I was sinning and that I needed to step back and pray. I wonder if that is an effect of our NICU visit - the clarity.

  5. Bonnie- I don't know if it's clarity after the NICU or total humiliation! I made some rash promises to God about my vocation while my kid was dying, and now that everyone is well I'm failing miserably. Humiliation, with prayer, however, leads to the virtue of humility which is a great good!

    About the little trials vs big trials thing. I actually think that it's the little things --which Satan then perfectly aims at our weak spots--which are the biggest danger to our Faith. After wrestling "alligators" in September, this Advent I'm learning how to fight bee stings better with the twin weapons of charity and patience.

  6. I keep stumbling on that truth again and again as well. It is so much easier to let go and trust God with the big things. So much harder to work on all the daily stings of life.

  7. I think that in their own, weird way the big things are easier to handle, because they come with the label Big Problem. We put on our bunker mentality and hunker down to the raw task of making it through. We know we can't do it alone, so we turn to God and ask for help.

    The little, everyday things are the true challenge. They require constancy and attentiveness, and a consistent fending-off of selfishness. But our Lord calls us to be faithful in little things; He must have known how much of a challenge it is!