Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hitting the Ball Out of the Park

Today was my home school review.

Long time readers know that I've been a bit hysterical about being having my home school methods evaluated by the public school system.

Today, in the wake of being a post-NICU mother. No butterflies! Now, if no one currently has a PICC Line stuck in their heart, then it's automatically an easy day in Miss Abigail's book.

I filled out the portfolio of my kids school work with calm and trust. I knew we didn't have a great semester, (Baby Tessy's long hospitalization through our normal home school routine out the window for almost 3 months) but we survived. I was calm in getting a lack-luster review score considering all the special circumstances of our crazy Fall.

Imagine my surprise when Baby Tessy's hospital stay IMPROVED our score.

My reviewer is an Asian immigrant who is all about the extended family. When she found that the grandparents were heavily involved in my kids education this semester, she was SO excited. That fact got mentioned twice in the formal comments on my kid's permanent school record.

(The fact that my kids HAD to live with their grandparents for 3 weeks because their Mom and Dad had orphaned them during a younger sibling's NICU stay, never even got mentioned.)

According to our Japanese reviewer, "grandparents are everything!"

I just sat there and tried not to laugh out loud. What a funny guy our Jesus is! Here I thought that Baby Tessy's illness ruined the school year, yet her little emergency hospital episode is exactly what won us a ton of extra credit points today.


  1. Why in the world does the public school system review your homeschooling??

    And congrats on the great review!

  2. oops-guess I should subscribe if I ask a question

  3. Because Maryland is a special state. :-) There are 3 options for homeschooling that are tightly controlled by the state, 1) pick one of 2 pre-approved correspondence schools, 2) pick one of a handful of pre-approved curriculums or 3) meet with a public school employee twice a year for a "portfolio review" of your kid's work.

  4. I am a nana to four little ones like yours and yes, I am so involved in their lives, that it almost feels like I am co-parenting. I would have it no other way. That is how my parents were, and that is how I am. Children are so fortunate to have grandparents who are pro-active. Good for the high scoring!

  5. Huh, and I thought about moving back to Maryland. We moved when my oldest was a baby, so we have only homeschooled in North Carolina. Here, you only have to get your child tested once a year, but they have so few people regulating homeschoolers, they don't even open your test results, just check you off the list. Maybe I'll stay here in the South (though I do miss all the Catholicism of Maryland!).

    Congrats on the successful review!

  6. Congrats -- that's very interesting, because homeschooling is generally frowned upon in Japan. (There was a time that I wanted to do it, but my Japanese husband was dead-set against it.)

    And I admit, I changed my mind about reviewing homeschooling -- I used to be against the government getting involved in that, until the father of one of my daughter's Catholic school classmates in San Francisco pulled his four kids out of the school to "homeschool" them -- which consisted of leaving them home to watch their baby brother all day, while the parents went out, according to some of the neighbors. Fortunately, there were neighbors involved who looked out for the kids and made sure there was food in the house. What he was doing was perfectly legal, because the oldest was old enough to babysit, and at the time, there were no homeschooling regulations. That sad situation made me see the need for reviews, as long as they're flexible enough to accomodate all teaching styles and methods.

  7. Crazy that they review homeschoolers..but whatever - just shows how great homeschooling is!