Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Need Help Choosing a High Chair

Miss Tess has moved onto eating solids. I need a simple, cheap, (and hopefully pretty?) high chair for her. Suggestions? My special need is that I have to pay for shipping b/c I don't have a car.


  1. We have the Eddie Bauer wooden booster/high chair that straps onto an existing chair. We have two (one for both boys). I think you can get free shipping on Amazon.

  2. We started using this around 6 months and love it. My daughter will be able to use it for years as a booster seat and we've taken it to restaurants too. Very easy to clean. You can get free shipping from Amazon.


  3. Honestly, my little girl hated high chairs. We took her to restaurants a lot and she liked seating in their highchairs.

    So? I ordered her one of those dang high chairs (the wooden kind) you find in restaurants and she finally sat in one!

    They are more open than most, less constricting, I guess they made her feel grown up.

    It cost only 50 bucks or so.

    But, it is heavy and you need to assemble them.

    Got it as a local baby store, not a box store, I am sure they are easy to find.

    Made in Vietnam.

  4. My vote is for Ikea's Antilop high chair. It's insanely cheap (about $25 including the tray which is sold separately) and practically indestructible. The legs are removable for easy storage and/or transport (we even took our on vacation!). Because the tray is removable we are still able to use it for my rather short 2 year old who would otherwise need a booster seat. We are able to tuck it under the edge of our dining table just like a regular chair. The only downside is that it looks quite plain, but could easily be brightened up with stickers or some of those vinyl decals you can buy from Etsy. And if you're feeling crafty, there are free patterns online for making a padded liner. Because it's such a popular model you may be able to pick one up from EBay or Craigs List?

  5. Oh yeah, and I forgot to add that it's a dream to clean because it has no seams or nooks and crannies for all those food particles to get stuck in!

  6. I used the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat for both of my boys and now I'm using them instead of high chairs for my twins. So, this chair works great for infants and toddlers. I highly recommend it. They have it at Amazon but I got both of mine from Wal-mart (Cheaper!). You can do site-to-store shipping and get free shipping, if you're able to get to a Wal-mart to pick it up. hth

  7. I second MommaBear. I have two Fisher Price boosters. Take up little space. Check out amazon's Club Mom, they frequently have free shipping.

  8. I love my Graco Contempo. It folds up very slim, and it tilts back so the babies can be in even before they are ready to eat for another play spot.