Friday, April 22, 2011

So How Was Your Lent?

...It's almost here... Easter Vigil Mass!!!

I'm so excited. It's been a totally awesome Lent. I learned so much. I'm so refreshed. I'm so ready for battle.

(Which is good because tomorrow I have to figure out how to bake a pineapple glazed ham and a complicated Easter Cake.* Nothing like kitchen duty to test our recent Lenten resolves, eh? I know our parish blesses the Easter Food on Saturday. I think they should have a special "Martha Blessing" to bless the novice cooks as well!)

This Saturday will mark nine years for me being a Catholic. A special shout-out to Dame Betty Beguiles who is celebrating conversion year 10. Any other converts out there?

(Miss Tharen, still plenty of room left at my Easter Table! If Mass and a sloppy bunny cake don't lure you to my place, a cute, crawling Baby Tess should! :-)