Monday, April 25, 2011

Things That I Now Know As a Mother Of 4

It's all about "knowing when to fold them!"

Delegation, baby!

As poor as we are, I still:

I pay someone else to deliver groceries to my door (through online grocery shopping),

pay someone else to do my taxes, (I survived TAX LAW 100 people! It took 8 years of marriage for my husband to convince me to hand over the job to H & R Block. It literally causes me physical pain to hit "pay" each April for our taxes--but it's worth it. Trying to find a few hours of "uninterrupted silence" with 4 young kids in our house is impossible!),

And now.....

I'm going to start paying someone else to take professional photographs of my 4 kids!

It was literally impossible for me to get all my kids to look in one direction at the same time in their darling Easter Outfits. It's especially challenging with a six year old son who makes awful faces and then runs into another room after 2 camera flashes. In the middle of losing my mind in the five seconds we had left before church, I decided "it is SO worth it to pay $10 a sheet at Target for this!!!"

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