Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Tess Moment

I used to wish for my babies to grow up and do great things for the Catholic Church...

..... until I had Miss Tess.

We went to my hometown for Strawberry Festival two weeks ago and I ran into the father of one of my friends from high school.

There was a moment when Mr. Bush looked at Tess intensely and said "Wow, you would have never known that Baby was ever sick..."

Tons of people say those same words to me, but his look and the intensity of his voice was somehow different. I mentioned his statement to my Mom a few hours later.

And I found out that Mr. Bush is sick himself... with a rare form of cancer. Cancer so rare and so deadly that he gets on a plane once a month to get special treatment at Boston Hospital.

I'm amazed at my daughter. She's a loud witness to the wonder of God's love, before she's able to say a word.