Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm a home-schooler newly in love....

with Carolyn Pratt!

Oh my goodness. After FIVE years of struggling to adore Marie Montessori and Charlotte Mason--feeling more, and more like a lonely, nerdy, educational theory freak--Miss Carolyn Pratt walks into my world.

Here's a sample of her "yumminess"

"At the forefront of the kindergarten and early childhood movement
was Teachers College. Pratt reflected on class one day when
the instructor commanded everyone to “dance like butterflies.”

You taught children to dance like butterflies,

when you knew they would much rather
roar like lions,

because lions are hard to
discipline and butterflies aren’t.

All activity in the Kindergarten
must be quiet, unexciting.

All of it was designed to prepare children
for the long years of discipline ahead.

Kindergarten got them ready
to be bamboozled by the first grade (pg 15).

Have you ever read anything MORE inspiring?

Can NOT believe that my poverty has forced me to open my own "Sacred Heart Academy" in my own home. Three years into my grand experiment I find that I most closely resemble this Manhattan gem "City and Country School". Yeah, it costs a mere $29,000 a year and has an incredibly impossible admission standard. But my kids get the same education (+ better b/c they get to also celebrate their Catholic faith) merely by sharing my same last name.


These are the unexpected gifts poverty can hand you!


  1. You are so funny! I was just looking at the Whitby School (the oldest Montessori school in the US) and saying ugh while I like the Montessori style of learning I am against the International Bacc. and all its accompanying stupid PC stuff that is infiltrated this curriculum and school. And, even my school district is considering going with the IB in most of its schools...ugh...

    So, though I live in one of the richest zipcodes in America I am not happy with the public schools because they have become communist training schools. There is the Catholic School choice, yes...but, seriously if, God Willing, we can have another child it would become cost prohibited and I am not going to Let ANY SCHOOL influence the number of children I desire.

    I wish we lived closer so we could do Coop learning. Let us know how your homeschooling adventure goes.

    Can't wait!

  2. What is the book you're quoting from? Thanks.

  3. Makes me miss homeschooling.

  4. Interesting. I've never heard of Pratt before.