Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life as a Carmelite--When St. Francis is Your Realtor

In this past week, we had offers on two different houses fall apart. Yesterday, (when I was in the grocery store toy aisle trying to come up with even more bribes to keep my clan happy before yet another long house hunting expedition) I ran into a row of Holy Statues.

It was so shocking to see them calming standing there, lined up neatly in a bottom row of the Giant supermarket aisle.

There they were: St. Francis of Assisi, Our Blessed Mother, and an Angel. The statues were about 3 feet high, made of stone colored plastic and cost only $25. A perfect fit for the garden that I've always wanted to have!

I grabbed hold of St. Francis' tonsured, bald head affectionately with both hands and said out loud "I want to take you home now, but I've got no place to put you. You better find me a house with a garden 'right quick'!"