Wednesday, June 29, 2011



The American History Major took her 3 daughters to the American Girl's store which just opened in Washington D.C.
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Notice the Lego store strategically located nearby (to help little brothers who are in culture shock from all that pink!)


  1. Veeeery smart...those Logo folks :)
    We took our girls and two good friends to NYC American Girl store last fall...after a whole day at the Museum of Natural History...The boys were a bit bored...but my 6 year old son loves Kit...he wondered why there was no Sterling doll :)
    It was my husband's first time there and he thought it was pretty cool...Blessings! E

  2. I know, why ISN'T there a Sterling doll?

  3. I would kindly suggest that you research American girl dolls and Planned Parenthood. Not the organization we want influencing our daughters.