Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Dawn, Abigail's New House

I don't have any personal pictures yet of our new place, this is from the seller's website. Not shown is the basement, which is "part-way" finished. There is a fourth bedroom, a family room and the beginning of a bathroom.

(Sorry, I took down the video because it had our address listed on the top)

Anyone have ideas for how to decorate a double girl's bedroom with sloping roof? Cheap and pretty backyard fence ideas? How about cooking for six in an extremely small kitchen? (I've only got one counter and not much room to add an island because of the swinging door from the fridge).


  1. Oh my gosh, it's so cute! I love the fireplace.

    I wish I had advice, but I'm struggling with my own one-counter kitchen. :(

  2. Ohhh, I love it! The layout looks very similar to ours. The only advice I have for a small kitchen is to say, "Everybody out! Mama is cooking!" :) And the bedroom with the slanted walls, can you do two twins with a small table/lamp in between? I'd be happy to virtually help you decorate, haha.

  3. So cute! I love the brick. Does the fireplace work? I wish we had a working fireplace.

    Our kitchen is pretty small too. I find that what helps the most is cleaning as I go so things don't pile up.

  4. That's actually more counter space than my daughter had in her apartment and a ton more counter space than I had in the mobile home we lived in for ten years. If there's any way to put a table in the kitchen it's easy to use the table for working space while the counter holds appliances, canisters, bread box, etc. My daughter's new house has about that much counter space, but no dining room. They definitely have to have a table in the kitchen. The key really is to keep the counters as uncluttered as possible. Unless you actually use it really frequently don't store it on the counter. That's actually a lesson we've had to learn in our house. You have only slightly less counter space than I do actually and it's nice to have it on both sides of the sink. My sister-in-law has to keep a lot of stuff in cupboards that I leave out because of lack of counter space.

    For your girl's bedoom might I suggest a trundle bed? My niece had one and it really made good use of the space since the trundle part could slide under the other bed except when needed for sleeping.

  5. It is very charming! I'm just so happy the Lord had this in the cards for you.

    One pot/skillet cooking saved my sanity in my days of tiny kitchens. Meals with tons of components from multiple pans are hard to pull off without counterspace so I saved those types of recipes for special occasions. Also, if you have an interior door in the kitchen, like to the basement, those over the door pantry organizers helped free more cupboard space for small appliances I couldn't fit on the counter. Finally, Aldi's instant coffee...I so loved the day my husband made the switch and I could reclaim the counterspace dedicated to the coffee machine. And Aldi's instant coffee actually tastes good!

  6. for fencing, check out craigslist and freecycle. When we fenced in our yard, we were able to use a little of the existing fence (it was in terrible condition but we fixed it up) and we got used fencing from someone who was "upgrading" to vinyl fencing and getting rid of their perfectly good stockade. We still had to buy a couple of panels. The worst thing was the stain - that was so expensive! It took about 2-3 yrs to get everything sort of matching.

  7. Abby - What a gorgeous house. Jesus took such good care of you! I just wanted to say, your new home's address is displayed at the top of that youtube video, just in case you care :) I know bloggers with kids like to be cautious.

    God bless.

  8. Abigail, OH BOY! How did I miss this post? Man does that basement look like a classroom or what? On the kitchen...consider taking the doors off of the cabinets (easy access), keeping as little as possible ON the counter (so you have room to work), and storing those things you ordinarily would keep on the counter on the cabinet shelf above it. Do you have a closet nearby that could be converted to a pantry?
    On the girls room - let them pick stuff out! I might even pick some cute colors and let them paint a thing or two...
    Fencing - no clue.
    IT'S DARLING! 'So happy for you!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your pic's of your homey house. I agree with the kitchen cupboard doors gone. First of all, they are just more to wash. And I really like all my cupboards with their stuff out in the open. To me that is an honest look in a kitchen.

    Also, if you have shelving or a hutch of some sort, think about keeping a lot of your dishes in the dining room, so when the table is being set, someone is not getting stuff in the kitchen and being under foot.

    Love the floors.

  10. Abby, its Carrie again, just wanted to say -if you still want to share photos of the house (without revealing the location), type your in your home address on www.Zillow.com and right click and save the photos there and then post them on your blog.
    God Bless!

  11. Hi, Abigail,
    I wasn't able to see any pictures, so this may not apply, but we had a small kitchen in our first home, and were able to switch which side the refrigerator opened on. Perhaps you could do that so you could have an island countertop. If your fridge doesn't have a reversible door, perhaps you could sell that one on craigslist, and buy another used one that opens on the side you need. God's blessings on your new home!