Thursday, June 23, 2011

"I've got my hands full!"

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Lunch date at Holy Cross Hospital with Sister Kathy (Nun responsible for Baby Tessy's emergency NICU baptism and probably the most important person who saved her life)

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Sister Kathy and our Bunny

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Sister Kathy, Me and Tess in Front of the Blessed Sacrament in the hospital chapel where I prayed for the doctors to figure out why Tess was so sick. Had no idea at the time that her "wonky" blood gas count were a result of a fatal birth defect in her small intestine--but Jesus did!

I'm kicking myself because I forgot to snap a picture of our visit to the PICU. Pat T. this one is for you! You tell me that the 16 inch plastic tube in Bunny's heart was NOTHING. Yes, according to Dr. Kanter at Children's. Yet this PICU hospital staff was WEEPING when the recounted Tessy's ordeal 8 months later. She freaked them OUT! My baby is a walking miracle. Thank you Jesus!

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Healing garden at Holy Cross

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  1. Umm, I don;t know who told you that a dislodged cath tip is 'nothing' but I promise you it is...such a big deal that the incident has to be reported up the chain to Quality/Risk Mgmt, the manufacturer etc bc it could've easily (& quickly) killed her.