Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What is your Apostolate?

What special talents do each of you share for the glory of the Church?

I got mine: "Cheerful Conversation."

I used to think that my talent was sort of pathetic. Instead of starting up friendships in church social halls, I'd troll the "help needed" parts of my church bulletin. I worked in soup kitchens, on the purificator committee, and my favorite mistake (for a girl who regularly reverses numbers and is math challenged) as an anti-predatory lending attorney for the poor.

I got trapped into thinking that doing something for Jesus needed to be something "hard" and "important."

Then I spent some massive time hanging around the NICU this fall.

My God given, innate talent at "cheerful conversation" is NOT a small, useless art after all.

This humble little apostolate is keeping me sane during this challenging transition of waiting 4 weeks to move into a new community.

Anyone else want to share their prayer journey on this topic?