Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Host A Kid's Birthday Party While Pregnant

Some day I will have a chance to write my stylish "how to host parties in the real world". Throwing a Birthday bash for a special birthday girl with no time, no money, and no energy was a challenge. Yet I ended up having some cool ideas that I wanted to share.

We picked a party time of 10:30 AM on Saturday. (I like having parties first thing in the morning because I think that it doesn't interfere with other peoples precious "family time" on the weekend as much. Plus, my kids are extremely hyper with excitement before a big party. If I pick at 1:00 PM start time, I've already driven myself crazy trying to keep them from eating the cake for five hours AND I still have not had time alone to get additionally prepared from the night before.)

For this early morning party, we had simple breakfast hors d'oeuvres. I picked up frozen mini-bagels from Target and arranged an elaborate "bagel bar" with different type of toppings like mini oranges and smoked salmon. We had sausage on toothpicks.

For the fruit salad, I picked up mini cookie cutters at Michaels ($5).
I cut up cantaloupe into 1/4 inch planks. Then I used the small cookie cutters, instead of a knife, to remove good parts from the rind and seeds. (Don't remove the seeds first). Then I tossed them into a fruit salad. (Imagine fruit salad with little yellow hearts and butterflies.) The result was so cute that its going to be my new "go to dish" for Church Socials.