Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loving My Little Olive

I'm in the ninth week of pregnancy. My baby is the size of an olive.

Man, do I suck at this!

Tuesday, I spent 3 1/2 hours in the ER waiting room for Alex. (Poor guy found out rather dramatically that our front screen door window pane was made of glass and not plexiglass when he pounded hard on the door and then had glass smash all over him. He's fine! Surface scratches only, no need for stitches).

So I'm in the ER waiting room, feeling nauseous. I'm trying to intellectually compare the two events. "This is the same thing. Waiting here with an injured son Alex. Feeling nauseous from new baby Olive. Both acts of a love for a beloved kid...."

But of course my ever active intellect is saying "I don't want to have massive stomach flu systems anymore! What is this "olive" thing in me and WHY do I have to feel so tired, crabby, and miserable just because I want to add a new person to my family? Come on, God! Don't I get a "pass" on morning sickness just for doing a sixth pregnancy for you?"

Of course I read St. Augustine yesterday in the Divine Office who said "in every affliction we suffer, count it as both a punishment and a correction."

Honestly, sometimes I hate doing my Carmelite reading because it's a constant reminder that I have VERY FAR TO GO in the Spiritual Life!

I'm pretty far from rejoicing in suffering, but I am trying to more affirmatively love "little olive" this week. I take my pregnancy vitamin every day (even though it makes me want to throw-up). I do it as a prayer for my little olive. I try to pray. And I try to just be happy that my little flock has grown from six to seven.

I'll be hanging out on the couch today, thinking of all of you. Have a blessed week!


  1. We're hanging out on our couch today too - baby Lime and I - and thinking of you and baby Olive. Thanks for the reminder on the prenatals!

  2. I feel great sympathy for your morning sickness. Has your OB mentioned that you can experiment with taking two children's multivitamins in lieu of the dreadful prenatal vitamins? I've found that the gummy children's vitamins don't upset my stomach nearly as much when I'm pregnant as the prenatals (or even the garden variety children's Flintstones). Just a thought!

  3. My daughter took the Flintstone gummy vitamins until she pasted the first 3 months. Ask your OB and give it a try.

  4. What a blessing Baby Olive is! (and cute girls' name actually!) And what a great way to view morning sickness as an act of love. :)

  5. Oh I know Abigail! But I have to tell you that when I hold my babe now - and recognize what a joy she is - I sincerely do regret my pregnancy complaints. I am not telling you not to complain since I make quite an art of it myself but when you look at that face...that miraculous will all be so worth it!

  6. Yes, Danya. That's one of my shortcomings. I feel like I could donate a kidney to a kid once they come out (or at least sit patiently in at NICU room for three weeks)--but I have trouble cheerfully enduring morning sickness for a little being I haven't met face to face yet.

  7. I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago at 9 weeks along...

    I would give anything to have my little olive still with me...

    God's holy will be done in all things!


  8. Hang in there, Abigail! I'm 13+ weeks with "Cinco" as we have nicknamed him/her and God be praised, my dh got a job this past week! But I've also been throwing up so bad I burst blood vessels in my eyes and wet my pants at the same time (great, huh?). Just have to offer up the sufferings and keep our eyes on the bigger prize.

    They have gummy prenatals now which are awesome and not fishy at all. Plus I am so grateful for my new ob, an orthodox Jew, who didn't bat an eye at me being pg and going for c-section #5 and open to life beyond that also. He said, "our people have much in common on the issue of life." My old ob dumped me when I became pg this past time.

  9. yes! The gummy prenatals from Target or just regular children's chewables + extra folic acid was all I could handle and my doctor was a-ok with that! Blessings on your new little peanut!