Friday, December 16, 2011

Cheap Christmas Party Ideas

Anyone have fun, easy, and cheap Christmas party ideas?

I'm hosting a Caroling Party for 10 people tomorrow night. I picked up a ham for dinner. I think I'm going to bake 2 pies and possibly some cookies. I need ideas for easy side dishes, appetizers, decorations, etc.

Thinks for letting me borrow your creativity!


  1. Sweet potatoes are always pretty easy, you can either by the can or buy then whole and bake them. When I use canned, I just drain the liquid and put them in a pan to bake for a bit with a touch of cinnamon and butter.

    For decorations, how about putting your crafty children to work making snow flakes and hanging them up? Candles can be found at the dollar store to add a nice ambiance to table tops or counters. :)

  2. Deviled eggs are an easy side/appetizer to make ahead of time. I love pinneapple casserole...pinneapple cheese and crackers. Its sounds gross but is really good and goes well with ham.

  3. take a brick of cream cheese and pour a bottle of the red seafood sauce over it (you know the kind you dip shrimp in) and serve with crackers. Cheap and easy.

  4. Ack, I'm too late. But just in case you need these for later:

    one can cranberry sauce, one brick of cream cheese, one minced jalapeno. Mix it all up, offer with crackers.

    This peanut dip with crudite. Shock the broccoli and cauliflower to make them a little easier to eat.

    I think these asparagus crepes would go well with ham