Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Hidden Power of a Carmelite!

A dear reader brought this great blog post to my attention today about a reflection from last years March for Life.

"During the speeches, my eyes fell on a Carmelite brother in a very rough and worn brown habit. He bore a beard and appeared recollected the entire time. I looked down and saw that he wore simple thong sandals and no socks. It was below freezing outside and there were his toes. Let me tell you, my toes were cold and I was wearing two pairs of socks. He had to have been suffering.

I understood in that moment that we can't win this fight with just speeches, t-shirts, and banners. That thin, bearded Carmelite brother was secretly and quietly overcoming the demonic principalities in our nation's capital. He was doing it through recollected silence and penance. He was the the true sign of contradiction against the culture of sex, the culture of excess, and the culture of death.

May God richly reward him, hear our prayers, and bring this national scourge to and end."


  1. What a beautiful reflection!

    Stopping by at Leila's suggestion - it seems we live in the same state! It's nice to "meet" you, I look forward to reading more (your kiddos are adorable!).

  2. I read this too and have been thinking about it all week. What a poor job I do on a daily basis as a Carmelite!

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  4. Jen! I think that even the holy Carmelite monk would say that being pregnant and raising an Autism kid are A LOT more serious penance to fight the evil of abortion than standing in the cold with bare feet for one day! Gotta love our secular Carmelite lifestyle baby! :-)

  5. And I just went to Conversion Diary and let the Saint Name Generator pick my saint for this year...

    A Carmelite I had never heard of, St. Teresa Margaret Redi, born in Tuscany very near to where my father's family is from!! Awesome!!

    Carla - Henry's mom