Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life with the Benjamins

This weekend Tess got booted out of the one, nice, new regulation approved crib we have in our room. I still put her down to sleep at night in her crib, but later at night Jon now moves her to the new "big girl bed" in her older sisters' room. At 5:30 AM this morning she woke up screaming. I got her settled down in my bed and tried to ignore her loving pats on my head for the next hour. At 7 AM, I wake up and there is no sign of Tess. I call her name, there is no answer. I started to look all around the house.

Finally, I find her on top of the dog! Both of them were sound asleep. I can't believe our little English Cockerspanial was kind enough to let her use him as a pillow. I joked with Jon that Tess traded me in "for a better roommate" this morning!
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  1. Perfect peace! How very sweet, thanks for sharing.
    May your Lent be blessed!

  2. Cute. It's nice to be a baby and sleep anywhere you want, whenever you want.

  3. So cute. Tess is a sweetie! And this sounds so much like life in our house. My Anthony has taken to waking up between 4:30 and 5:30 most days after which he also sits and gives me pats on the head for an hour while I try to sleep. The other day he leaped off the bed and into my night table, knocking over my lamp, books, iPhone, and glass of water and scaring himself silly. But he isn't able to get out of our room on his own to find a better place to sleep or play.