Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Full House

So we are scandalizing some people by fitting five kids into a three bedroom cape cod house. I personally think my "crowded" morning nap room is adorable!
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  1. It is adorable! I would love for my tiny house to be crowded with babies! We actually did a test run of our two sleeping in the same room the other night for when we have guests and it lasted about five minutes. But I'm praying for the day that they'll have to share!!

  2. Rack em' and stack em' is my motto! ;)

    Beautiful! I can cram a ton of bodies in this little house of mine! Yes, I can! :)

  3. I know a family with 8 children (so 10 people all together) who live in a regular 3 bedroom house here in England...

    God bless

  4. Good thing you don't have to choose who is cuter. Scandalize away!

  5. Come August we will have five in our small three bedroom house. Currently it's three girls in one room and baby John in another. "Baby" John is eighteen months. Ha!

  6. So cute. What a beautiful reminder.

    I lived in a small beach house growing up.

    We were not a Catholic family. But, we, indeed, racked them and stacked them.

    And, ours was the house everyone wanted to be!