Saturday, March 24, 2012

Having Help

No I do not "have help" at home. Except, I do. I'm rapidly raising happy big brothers and big sisters. My husband is a gem. Today, I was snuggling with Baby Abigail and my four year old Mimi. Out of the blue, Mimi says "Jesus loves you Abigail! He's in my heart. He's going to be in your heart too after I tell you all about Him." I almost started crying! Can you believe I've already got help in raising Little Abigail to love her Catholic Faith?
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  1. Beautiful. Jesus is so good to us!
    My big guy just told his God Mother's daughter who made her temperary vows (Elysburg, Pa Carmel) "Good luck with Jesus!"
    He figured he was just wishing "the Happy Couple" best wishes. sigh. I love our faith : )

  2. love it! I've found that our "Cinco" fell into our family seamlessly. Aside from the hospital stay and extra dr's appointments, it just feels as though he has always been with us.