Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Miss Chili Pepper Got Her Nickname

I couldn't see my daughter for the first 20 minutes of her life (b/c of my c-section) but I could hear her. The girl never stopped screaming. None of our other four kids had such a strong reaction to their entrance into the world. I was reassured that her lungs worked,  but I also thought "Oh dear, I pictured a mellow blonde to match the name of St. Clare of Assisi. We might consider a name change for this fiesty daughter!

Because Baby Abigail is so fair, when she gets mad her entire body changes to a vivid red color. The girl turns blood red on every diaper change. The first night I nicknamed this transformation "turning into a chili pepper". Hannah (my oldest) thought this wasn't girly enough. She thoughtful called her "turning red like a cherry." No whenever Abigail gets a little over-dramatic, my girls say "Oh, here comes our Cherry." I also like to joke that our youngest child is "the cherry on top" of our family!
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