Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Lenten Thoughts

I'm eating Dove Milk Chocolate "Promises" and sighing over the inane, supposed-to-be-deep comments printed on the inside wrappers.

"I wonder if we could get some deep St. John of the Cross quotes on these chocolate bites instead?", I think. "What about getting his poetry on those "conversation starters" Starbucks' coffee cups, too."

Then I start to laugh. In real life, Mr. St. John of the Cross would tell me--"Abby, stop eating chocolate! Stop drinking Starbucks! Especially stop eating chocolate during LENT!!!"

Prayer: St John of the Cross, help this spoiled American girl practice better detachment!


  1. St John would understand that a women about ready to have baby #5 has given up much for nearly 9 mos (and will continue to give up much after #5 is born) and would not say - don't eat chocolate! : )
    At least, that's what I think he'd say, having been pregnant with 6 kids in 3 years myself!

  2. I always think that too. If folks like this shallow inspirational message, then they'd really DIG stuff from the saints and the bible. Maybe we're onto something here...nah, too much work. LOL!

  3. The Holy Spirit helped us make a decision to stop going to Starbucks after the company went public in funding gay marriage legislation here in Washington State.

    It was hard to give up, in one sense, as we had been loyal customers for 20+ years (I am a former employee).

    On the other hand, when our children understood what we were doing and why, it put weight to our convictions as they knew full well our (addiction) love of the pleasures of Starbucks Coffee.

    We are now drinking an (inferior, but ethically sound) local coffee, and just count this as our quiet sacrifice to defend Godly marriage.

    With love and prayers from your sister in Carmel.