Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Infant Reflux or Colic or a High Needs Baby?

Baby Abigail's going through major crying jags. Not sure yet if she's got a infant reflux, colic, or she's just a high needs baby who gets tired of the swaddling trick. (Didn't she READ her copy of the "Happiest Baby on the Block?)

As penance for the horrible Obama care, my poor health insurance company is total in disarray. As some sort of cost saving measure, the administrative staff is newly centralized and cut to the bone. I spent over 15 hours on hold during the past three weeks trying to get Baby Abigail added to our health insurance plan. Monday when I called in desperation for a doctor appointment for my crying newborn, I was told that she was now listed as "inactive". (Happy 30th day of life outside the womb, sweetheart!). Supposedly this minor glitch will be ironed out by Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, I keep threatening to record Baby Abigail's crying jags and replay them in excruciatingly loud volume for the phone operators who keep telling me "Its only a 96 hour delay, Mrs. Benjamin. What's the big deal?"

So, I'm up on the New Motherhood Cross for a while. Feel free to put your prayer intention. I'm not promising any profound insights since my prayer life right now consists of saying repeatedly "Really, God, really?" Yet it always helps to know that I'm not alone in suffering.


  1. Hannah, is that you?

    My kid almost killed me. I chalked it off to pay backs. :) LOL

    I didn't see any reflux in her.....

    Praying for you! It's not easy!

  2. My son had the colic horribly, and we had issues with our insurance company then as well (they couldn't categorize "broke collarbone in birth canal", lol!).

    So I am totally remembering and feeling your pain.

    The best thing that anyone did for me during that time was my neighbor, who as I was walking him outside (for hours....the only thing that would calm him), she came to the fence and took him inside with her for an hour.

    I'm not sure where you live, but if you're in Minesota I'd happily pay that favor forward! :)

    And if it's any consolation....he's 6 now and I barely remember that time!

    Good luck, I will pray for you!

  3. Oh my goodness, Sew. So I named this little chick after me and now that she has "challenges" I think "I wonder if I was this hard on my Mom. I should be a lot nicer to her from now on!" LOL!

    Thank you Andrea! I'm in West Virginia, but smile at a post-partum Mom in the grocery store in honor of me this week! :-)

  4. Sorry about your insurance. I hope Thursday comes quickly for you. She sounds just like Luke when he was her age (it was a milk allergy plus colic plus refusal to sleep). I won't tell you how long it lasted for us! ;) She's really taking her nickname of Chili Pepper seriously, huh?!?

  5. could you possibly have oversupply at this point? A baby who nurses up a storm like she's been doing can create an oversupply. Is she gaining weight like crazy? Is she spitting up lots? If so you might try block feeding and see if that helps. In case you've never encountered block feeding before, it's when you feed as many times and as long as the baby wants on one side for a block of time (say three to four hours to start) and then switch to the other side for an equivalent block. It takes a couple of days to taper down the supply, but in the meantime she won't be getting quite so much milk at a time. For reflux frequent short feedings work better than less frequent longer ones simply because they don't get so much milk. Even that wouldn't have worked with my gd because her mom had such an overactive let down. If you've got that it helps to pump out some milk before putting the baby to breast so they don't have to deal with the fire hose type gush of milk. In any case, I hope your insurance company can get things straightened out.

    Of course she could just be one of those high need type babies who's only happy in arms or carried on someone's body. The someone doesn't have to be mommy btw. Daddy would work fine, maybe even your oldest kid.

  6. Have you mailed, emailed or faxed the proper paperwork to your insurance company? I'd flood them with paperwork, even if it's the same paperwork. I think they throw out the paperwork every now and then.

  7. If I can make a suggestion... try an elimination diet with your diet. My SIL's daughters both had food allergies. She didn't know for the first one, but for the second one when she stopped eating wheat, soy and dairy, the baby's colic went away (and the SIL felt tons better too!) Hang in there!

  8. I just came across this and it is amazing! LIfting their legs to change their diaper comprimises the instestinal tract.