Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Year's Lent

On the last day of Jon's paternity leave, we lingered at the breakfast table and reviewed what a crazy year it's been. Last year during Lent, we got evicted for "having too many children." After Tessy's near miss in the NICU, my husband and my commitment to be "open to life" became extra precious.

At the time of my frantic housing search last Lent, I had no idea if we were ever going to have more children (Tess came after a 3 year drought of unexplained secondary infertility), but I wasn't going to let some mean regulations about the "proper number of people per bedroom" dictate my family size. That decision was God's alone.

For almost three months, we had no idea where my family would live starting June 6th. The clock was counting down. Our options were so limited, they felt non-existent.

Yet, God had a plan!

A new house, in a new state, with three bedrooms, a safe sidewalk with room to draw chalk pictures on, and space for a garden out back.

Unbelievably, as a bonus for staying open to life, we got a new house AND Baby Abigail. She got conceived during the hectic moving week.

God's plans are not our own. They are far better!


  1. Isn't it so sweet how God's plans work out. We were searching for our current home 8 years ago during lent. My husband had a new job after a few years of lots of job uncertainity a pretty long layoff and major paycuts. My husband also joined the church that Easter vigil. We had 2 teen daughters. We ended up selling our old house very quickly and getting a great deal on our new house with an "extra" bedroom. We hadn't thought we afford to buy at all but it worked out. We had planned on being open to life and didn't know that would lead to fostering and adoption. We currently have a 5yr old daughter and a 4 month old son.

  2. What a difference a year makes--especially when we Trust in the Lord!