Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding--The Dads

My husband changed Baby Abigail's diaper last night and started cooing "She doesn't have skinny bird legs anymore! Look at the heft coming into these thighs! Good job, Mom!"

"Oh," I signed dejectedly. "You know I'm not very good at breastfeeding. Things didn't go well with us today."

"Get over here," he said. "Take a look at our girl's new double chin. This is all thanks to you!"

My husband is my biggest breastfeeding supporter. He's calm during any feeding crisis. He's appreciative when things are going well. He's my cheerleader.

It's funny. Breastfeeding seems to be something totally exclusive of men--a mother/baby dance from the beginning of time. Yet I know personally, I would not have persevered in learning how to nurse each of my five child without the warm support of my husband.

Lets hear it for the Dads!


  1. What sweet and true comments! Daddy knows best.

  2. I once put breast milk in my husband's coffee when we were out of dairy milk -- and I had a whole fridge full of pumped breast milk, which seemed at the time like a better option than drinking our coffee black, which neither of us likes.

    I didn't tell him about it at the time, but I told him many years later, and he gagged.

    Sorry, that has nothing to do with gratitude -- just sharing it because it's funny.

  3. A big thumbs up! I don't have kids yet but I can see my husband being supportive like this in the future.

  4. A study of new moms and breast feeding demonstrated that the #1 predictor of nursing "success" and duration is a supportive Dad!!!

    Carla - Henry's mom