Thursday, May 31, 2012

Five Years Ago Today....

We had our own visitation with Maria Elizabeth!  Oh Baby!  By the way, all of the fans of the blog have my daughter to thank for its creation. Miss Mimi was our hardest kid yet (she easily beat Tess of  NICU fame) and the only way I stayed sane during her rough start was to start writing a blog. Good things come out of tough times. Thanks be to God!


  1. You sure do make beautiful babies. :-) I never knew you had a hard time with her. I always wonder if we get time off in Purgatory for that...or did I add more time? Who knows. David was our worst...boy oh boy...never thought I'd live through that!

  2. Look at those cheeks!

    My hardest baby is now one of my easiest children. Thank goodness!

  3. I had no idea she was so hard! And more so than Tess? Wow!

  4. Bautiful baby.
    God does bring good out of great distress and friends from other places!