Sunday, May 20, 2012

For JoAnn

How to throw a First Communion Party while caring for a colicky baby. Low key entertaining at its best. Supermarket cake + ruffles potato chips and donated sandwhiches.  (I even made the guests blow up the party balloons themselves when they arrived!) Also note that my son is out of his church clothes in record speed.
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  1. ...your house looks beautiful, and your beautiful son is beaming. Great job!

    You inspire me! God bless you.

  2. I love ruffled potatoe chips too! They class up ANY event. And, store bought cakes are super yummy, no!!!!!

    And, your son...well, he is smashing in every way...and, I am a big follower of the practice of changing out of church clothes in record time so he is my bossum buddy in this regard.

    Yes, the best hospitality we can give one another is a willingness to do it, a smile to go along with it, and a few balloons that we all help out with...

    LOVE IT!

    Gosh, I want to come visit you guys so bad.

    Any close by airports!

    We aren't the best with long drives.

    Oh, and, we can stay in a hotel!!!
    Ha, ha