Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who Do These Kids Think They Are, Anyway?

After nine years of searching, I finally found a "Saint Hannah" medal online. I was in the midst of ordering a First Communion gift for my son and starting jumping out of my skin with excitement. "Hannah!", I yelled.

My Hannah was not impressed.

She wants a Little Flower saints medal.

There are thousands and thousands of Little Flower Saint medals out there.

"But Hannah, you don't understand how perfect this is," I said. "This is Saint Anne, holding her daughter, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Hannah was her actual Hebrew name. We never find Saint Anne listed as "Hannah" in this country. I've been searching forever to find this one for you and here it is!"

My Hannah is totally nonplussed. "Mom it's not the saint's NAME that matters. Its their life. It's who you feel connected to in your HEART."

So, my little girl has adopted the Little Flower as the true soul mate of her heart. How can a Carmelite parent complain?