Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prayer Request

I'm running a Rosary Camp at my parish church this summer with a friend. Can you spare a prayer for me?

My experiences teaching the rosary haven't gone well in the past. As a Sunday School teacher, I found out one of my students had never heard of the rosary. As I started to teach her the rosary after class, two people came by and said such mean things that I ended up crying later on the drive to Carmel. Then the student's siblings came by and aggressively yanked her out of my classroom. Within a few weeks, my beloved student and her entire family totally disappeared from my parish. It was like one of those Sci-Fi movies where a character gets yanked into outer space, never to be heard from again.

Satan hates the Rosary. I'm not really tough skinned yet to handle all of his tricks. So please pray for me to have extra grace.